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These foolish things remind me of you....

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Italiangreyhound Sun 23-Mar-14 00:03:01

These foolish things remind me of you....

No we have not bought our new-hope-to-be-ds a cigarette or an airline ticket!!

But we have bought a plaque for 'his' bedroom door -with his name on it, a blanket (see my thread.. and ordered a soft toy for DD to give new-hope-to-be-ds when she meets him.

It just feels very tangible and exciting!

NoIdeasForUsername Sun 23-Mar-14 02:06:10

I remember putting the wooden letters up (to make the DCs' names) on their doors, when we were adopting DD1 and DS. It's so frustrating (wanting it to speed up) and exciting, knowing that it's actually happening.

Italiangreyhound Sun 23-Mar-14 09:37:26

* NoIdeasForUsername* Yes, it's so exciting. Lots to do still. Thank you.

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