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Places to find out adoption information without reading books!

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Italiangreyhound Tue 28-Jan-14 23:01:21

I hate reading books and I am probably dysleix. I (spelled that wrong on purpose!). I have spent ages trying to read a book on adoption and I am only half way through!

I am keen to find out other places to find out information about adoption, websites etc which I do find much easier to read (not sure why!)

I have found talking to people on mumsnet very helpful.

Thank you.

Meita Wed 29-Jan-14 09:40:19

someone on here pointed to a series of Podcasts a little while back. Unfortunately can't remember but maybe if you search? I had a smooch around that webpage and it looked like the podcasts were really interesting, all sorts of topics so you can pick and choose those that are interesting/relevant to you. It was american based so also included lots of stuff that probably would NOT be relevant, but plenty that is.

Also, maybe the book you have been trying to read is simply the wrong kind for you? Is it very dry and academic? Then maybe try a real-life experience book. Or vice-versa.

There are lots of blogs out there too.

I too find reading here on MN very helpful. Just don't know how to get that across in the 'reading list' we have been asked to make, in order to show that we have done our research, what we have read about, and maybe identify gaps.

But one important part of why MN is helpful (to me at least) is also the writing. I find it extremely useful for sorting my thoughts. If that is true for you as well, you could consider starting your own blog…?

CheeryGiraffe Wed 29-Jan-14 09:53:37

I agree with Meita that the internet - especially blogs and forums have been the best things for us. They also help when you worry about something, it's nice to know that you're not alone!

We have read a stack of books, but there is nothing like reading what has actually happened to people. However, the best books I have read have been Real Parents, Real Children by Holly van Gulden and What Every Parent Needs to Know by Margot Sutherland. The RPRC book could be quite dry I think, but I have only been reading sections at a time and it's actually been really interesting. The WEPNK book will probably be more useful once you have a child at home, but as a book on child development it's fantastic.

Let me know if you find any other good sources of info.

TeenAndTween Wed 29-Jan-14 10:03:31

Are you a member of AUK? Their 'adoption today' magazine is quite good with short quite readable articles.

AUK and or LAs run local adopters groups, coffee mornings, evenings etc which I attended a bit in the past.

I would have also recommended the AUK message boards but they 'improved' them and they are imo unusable now, and traffic has dropped right off. But you might like them.

We (I) also read general child caring books like Toddler Taming and The Secrets of Happy Children. Also a great book (well written, not dry) that I would highly recommend Baby Talk by Dr Sally Ward Really useful in seeing the stages of child development and what your child may have missed out on and how to fill in the gaps.

roadwalker Wed 29-Jan-14 10:10:42

Toddler taming is great- short sections and easy to read
I love reading and read quickly but if you are not like me then Dan Hughes is heavy going
Bryan Post has youtube videos, you can sign up for free bite size emails some of which are superb
Bryan Posts books are quick and easy to read too
The boy who was raised as a dog is IMO the best book before you adopt. It has short chapters and is a good, easy read
I understand you want to be prepared but you could read lots about particular behaviours that are irrelevant to you when you get your LO
Perhaps a look at Bryan Post and Bruce Perry and then look for specific ideas when you have your LO and need specific advice

Italiangreyhound Wed 29-Jan-14 11:29:26

Thanks one and all.

Ha ha Cheerygirraffe the book I am struggling with is 'Real Parents, Real Children'.

I really have a mental block with books. In the words of this song, 'Joined a book club, just so I could drink some wine!' (at 1.56)

Meita Wed 29-Jan-14 15:16:29

re-found it, it's called 'creating family'
there are weekly 1h radio talks, you can download past 'issues', there are lots and lots and on all sorts of topics.

Let me know if you find something particularly useful!

Meita Wed 29-Jan-14 15:17:13

Yolande7 Wed 30-Apr-14 12:59:08

- I would also highly recommend (they also have lots of information on their website), they are fantastic!
- webinars:,
- you might want to go to training workshops from familyfutures, Post-adoption centre (PAC), Adoption UK. Family Futures and PAC are London-based, Adoption UK works nationally
- we found joining our local Adoption UK'S prospective adopters group very helpful
- ITV and Channel 4 are currently/ have recently shown programmes about adoption.

Good luck!

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