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Italiangreyhound Wed 25-Dec-13 13:40:41

Congrats to all you having a first time family Christmas with your little one. Low key or high energy, whatever your day, hope it is great.

Devora Tue 24-Dec-13 23:27:57

What a lovely post!

Our dd2 has been with us over 3 years now, so quiet Christmasses are a thing of the past. She is so happy and excited because we have cousins staying, as well as her sister: a whole gang of little girls who run around together and are having a wonderful time.

I took them to church earlier and cried when all the children sang carols. I felt so blessed smile

MyFeetAreCold Tue 24-Dec-13 22:49:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

excitedmamma Tue 24-Dec-13 22:40:24

I get this completely.... this is our first Christmas as a 'family'... I feel so emotional.. .so proud... so lucky... so excited... can't wait to see her face tomorrow...

we put a plate out before for Santa... (mince pie, carrot & sherry)... she ate his mince pie grin

In making it special for her, I've made it special for us.... its magical..

Happy Christmas everyone smile

MyFeetAreCold Tue 24-Dec-13 21:47:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilka Tue 24-Dec-13 21:42:19

How absolutely wonderful fsmile Just wonderful

Merry Christmas!

allthingswillpass Tue 24-Dec-13 21:11:57

Have fun.
We are 6months in with our LO.
He doesn't get the Santa thing yet so 21/2 so low key all the way.
Enjoy playing Santa xx

Tishtash2teeth Tue 24-Dec-13 19:48:40

What a lovely post. It is our second Christmas also and like yourself last year was really quiet and low key. We just love our little man so so much. He's 4 so really gets the whole thing this year. We cannot wait to see him open his gifts.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Happiestinwellybobs Tue 24-Dec-13 19:30:37

This is our second Christmas with DD (2.7) but we are both a bit emotional this evening. She gets the whole 'Father Christmas' thing this year. We have been to church where she twirled as a angel and is now in bed.

We have just wrapped her 2 big presents which have been hidden in the garage, and both filled up with tears. It just seems so surreal - which is weird as she has been with us for so long.

There were times that I thought I would never play Santa, never have the excitement of Christmas morning, and as much as we had a lovely time last year, it was very quiet and low key.

Thankfully we agreed that Santa should have a glass of wine left out for him. I need it.

Sorry for the emotional ramble. I'm not sure my RL friends would understand so much.

Happy Christmas everyone fsmile. Wishing you all peace and happiness.

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