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Book recommendation for older bc

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spudthegoose Mon 23-Dec-13 18:47:59

hello bit new around Mumsnet but have lurking on this board for a while just out of interest. I don't currently have bc of my own but would like to adopt in the future. Read this book recently and thought it might prove useful/interesting to potential adopters and there bc so here is a short(ish) review

On hearing I was interested in adoption my friend recommended the fiction book, Abela by Berlie Doherty. It's sold a older child/teen book but is written well enough to still be enjoyed by an adult. It's main character (Rosa) is 13 and lives with her mother in Sheffield. A lot of the book is written from her point of view and the rest is told from the angle of the 9/10 year old girl (Abela) that Rosa's mother eventually go onto adopt... Abela ends up being put up for adoption in the UK after being trafficked to London from her home in Tanzania by her Uncle who intends to sell her as a slave. However her Uncle's plan fails and she is neglected by her Uncle's girlfriend before escaping and being taken into LA care.
On the other side is Rosa who initially does not want her mother to adopt any child before she eventually comes round to the idea. Once approved they are matched with a four year old boy. Rosa has a hard time adjusting to having him living with them. She is mean to him and wants to make him cry but after she suffers an accident, begins to bond with him to the point where she (and her mother) are devastated when the planned adoption of him falls through at the last minute

I would not recommend this book for any child under 8 as a minimum age. The only topics (imo) that could be considered really sensitive are FGM which is described "the cut" but doesn't go into great details (luckily) the bullying that Rosa initially shows towards their first placement (Abela is also bullied earlier in the book by older girls in her foster placement) and the death of Abela's birth family due to aids and malaria... Book is avalible through amazon etc for anyone who is interested in getting a copy. Sorry for the long post but hope this proves useful to someone smile
Happy Christmas

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