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books/information for cousins

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Inthebeginning Sun 10-Nov-13 21:44:57

we were talking to our nieces today about us adopting.
They've known about it for a while and are so excited and keep asking us questions.
We are explaining things but they can't quite get why children are put up for adoption.
They are 7 and 11 so quite old. We are always very honest with them.
I just wondered if their are any books or simplified ways of explaining things to them.

Hels20 Mon 11-Nov-13 05:50:22

I am not sure of adult books - my nieces are younger so I bought some of the BAAF recommended books,and also from the US "Rosie gets a new home".

I have however urged my friends to watch "The truth about adoption" - a Panorama film a couple of years ago which I picked up on YouTube. It might be suitable for the 11 year old - not the 7 year old. It follows 6 children in care - who need to be adopted. 4 of the children from 2 separate families are taken into care because mother has learning difficulties, had her children sleeping in a car, had an abusive boyfriend. But if you haven't seen it, watch it first as you might not think it is suitable for 11 year old.

For the 7 year old, try the Nutmeg BAAF book which is more detailed than some of the adoption books and goes into reasons why children might be adopted - not the best story but the best attempt I have found at explaining adoption reasons to older children (this will be too young for the 11 year old)

Sorry I am not of much help.

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