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How long to be allocated a SW after prep?

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TrinnyandSatsuma Thu 31-Oct-13 15:42:43

We had the wait the other way around. We had to wait for a social worker to be allocated before we got a place on prep course. We met her once to get home study started, then had the prep course after that.

I remember that stage being really hard, endless delays, but once home study started, things moved quite fast. We were allocated a social worker in July and went to panel in January.

All the best for the process!

Maiyakat Thu 31-Oct-13 13:08:42

For me it was at least 2 months, I was the last one in the group to be allocated. That was because of where I lived - it was unlikely there would be a child within the LA for me as I'd always be too close to birth family so they prioritised the prospective adopters they could match their own children with.

The waiting is so hard - I'm sure if there was a reason not to proceed though they would have said at the end of the prep course. Good luck!

Chesterfieldo Thu 31-Oct-13 08:44:34

How long does/did it take to be allocated a SW for home study after prep group? Can the SW not proceed with your application after prep?

Patiently waiting here but doubts and worry creeping in! Any words of wisdom appreciated thanks.

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