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Junior ISA for looked after children

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excitedmamma Wed 23-Oct-13 23:09:03

Hi.. just wondered if anyone had managed to get one of these for their LO's?

Our adoption SW mentioned this in passing, and it appears like we are eligible - but as a Local Authority they seem pretty unsure of it all...

website is Sharefound

thanks smile

Middlesexmummy Thu 24-Oct-13 07:11:34

Hi there , we had a letter from share found forwarded on to us from our LA but when I rang them they knew nothing about . I was worried as I thought it looked suspicious . Is it legitimate ? Our letter asks us to send out details now that we are our daughters parents .....

Middlesexmummy Thu 24-Oct-13 07:12:12

Ps should have said that one has already been opened in her name

excitedmamma Thu 24-Oct-13 13:46:14

well.. it does look for real... but then again I believed I'd won lots of money from Nigeria wink

I've emailed the company and they have responded... saying the LA should forward the details of LO to them and they'll open the account... they are administrating it on behalf of the government... once adoption order is granted, the account will be passed to us.. we can contribute if we want, but its locked in until they are 18...

I'm going to follow through with it anyway...

Middlesexmummy Thu 24-Oct-13 14:23:08

Ok thanks that does sound reassuring , I'll give them a call tmrw.... In our case an isa is open for her but they want our details to transfer it from the la to us ..... Do u happen to know how much it is ?

excitedmamma Thu 24-Oct-13 15:18:10

£200 from the government... the LA could have paid into it to (although I somehow doubt it) shock... you can pay into it, but no withdrawals can be made until the child is 18...

I think you get an annual statement to show how its doing...

Good luck!

Middlesexmummy Thu 24-Oct-13 16:05:33

Thanks , due to the nature of our adoption( we were concurrent adopters) I'm paranoid that someone will try and make contact etched hence my suspicions
I'll let u know what I find out xx

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