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"Fostering"; and "adopting" animals

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MooseyMouse Mon 09-Sep-13 07:13:09

I hear these phrases more and more and I hate it. "I'm fostering a puppy" or "I'm going to adopt a cat" or "Could you be a foster home for a dog?"

It really bugs me. I think it demeans the fostering and adoption of children. I think animals are "rehomed" rather than "adopted". I don't like the thought that my son is "adopted" just like next door's dog.

Is it just me?!

Moan over!

Lilka Sat 14-Sep-13 22:27:56

That thread...ouch

My DD1 got very upset one day because a woman who lives very near her was shouting at her little girl and threatening to put her up for adoption (and "bounce your head off the wall"). DD said "I wish she would put her up for adoption, <little girl> deserves better". But a good part of the reason she was upset was because she (me too) can't stand the flippant way some people use the phrase 'put up for adoption' as a stupid nasty threat to their kids, or a joke. DD went on to say "Adoption isn't a stupid joke or a bad thing, it's a good thing, and if you're threatening your kids with it, the poor things deserve to be adopted". Blunt, but she has very strong feelings. She's very happy to be adopted, but she's still sensitive to certain language just like parents are

I know that wasn't really about pets, sorry!

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