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I'm back what have I missed?

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Devora Sun 01-Sep-13 22:31:51

Oh, poor DS. Wouldn't life be easier if we had those laid back, water-off-a-duck's-back kind of children who roll with life's waves? Both mine are anxious, as I was in my day, and it's not an easy ride.

Yes, we must definitely get them together again soon. Your ds is very popular in our home smile

Kewcumber Sun 01-Sep-13 21:19:20

I thought you would have problems with CM devora - it didn;t sound good just the little you told me.

Kewcumber Sun 01-Sep-13 21:18:37

Devora - DS has nagged and nagged and nagged about having another meetup with your DD... perhaps we could arrange something.

New baby is fab news - I'd forgotten she was due soon.

Horrible no win decision Devora - re baby, hope you are OK.

Not sure about documentary - I think its pretty big - they've spent 2 months travelling across Europe interviewing families and it was arranged via the Embassy so I think reputable. I do susepct it might be along the lines of "we shouldnt be letting these children leave the country and in effect losing their Kazakh identity" but in the end despite my concerns I decided that it was worth doing as it will only be aired in Kazakhstan.

DS is manageable just reverted back to his default insecurity position and A little worse than normal - he's started washing his hands a lot, worrying about germs and being sick and people dying, tells me I am the best mum in the world repetitively, finding separating from me to be a bit of a problem. Think I have calmed him down re the hand washing and germs at least practically as he is only allowed to wash his hands after the toilet, before eating and if his hands are identifiably dirty (eg after painting) and talk of viruses is only allowed for a certain period each day. Of it doesn't stop his underlying anxiety but hopefully plenty of attention and the routine of school might help things settle down a bit.

Had only be thinking at the beginning of the summer how much he's settled down this year at school. Have no idea what started this off though it has been gradually deteriorating over several months I think.

Devora Sun 01-Sep-13 00:29:23

Hi missus, nice to have you back.

We've had a laid back summer. dd1 now has a lifesize Hermione Granger adorning her wall, and Harry Potter bedding - yours would approve, I'm sure grin

We're desperately looking for a new CM for dd2 - big problems there.

And we got offered another baby.... and declined, with more than a little heartache.

The real big news is of course Lilka's new granddaughter, but I see she's told you all about that herself smile

Lilka Sun 01-Sep-13 00:18:28

I'm sorry to hear your DS is struggling, all my best wishes, hope ou are on a more even keel soon.

What was it like being filmed? Documentary sounds very interesting smile

My summer:

I'm now a grandma to 2 little girls shock grin DGD2 is doing great, she was born on the 21st August weighing 8lb exactly. DGD1 has been struggling a bit with it, only natural. She became 16 months old today smile

We're generally doing OK. DS is doing very well and now that DD2 has cut contact with her BM, DS is more relaxed and confident. It's been hard seeing him affected by that, but he's very much on the up now. DD2 is doing well for her. Many of our usual issues but nothing worrying or out of the ordinary

College and school start on the 4th for us as well - I'm very happy about it. I can have some issue free midly relaxing days again shock

Kewcumber Sat 31-Aug-13 23:04:35

Been away half the summer and not really much time to post in between. Whats been going on?

My summer:

I'm skint;
DS having been stable for 6 months is going through a very wobbly patch for undetermined reasons which I'm struggling to cope with;
We were filmed by a kazakh film crew for a documentary on adoption;
School starts next Wednesday (hurrah).

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