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time limits foe adoption process?

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emanjay Fri 14-Jun-13 13:22:33

We have an adopted son age 7 who we adopted at 10 months old. We went through the process again a few years ago but the adoption broke down in introductions week. Is there now time limit from allocation to placement? We can't face the long waiting id we go through the process again

Lilka Fri 14-Jun-13 17:25:34

I think most agencies are now working with time limits from enquiry to approval, and although that isn't a guaruntee, I think most adoptive parents are now being approved in under a year (say 7-9 months as an average maybe?).

After approval, there are no guidelines for matching that I'm aware of on the adoptive parents end, although there are guidelines for matching each child within a certain amount of time. I don't really see how their could be because it's up to the adoptive parents to specify what kind of child they can adopt, and there just might not be any children who they they can adopt in the system when they are approved. So it's impossible to put a time limit on it, you have to wait until you/your SW see the right profile and the childs social worker likes you

We do have a thread right now on this forum about how long people waited from approval to matching/placement, if you scroll down you'll get it. Most people haven't experienced extremely long waits.

I would say expect the whole process to last over a year, but there's quite a high likelihood with the speeded up enquiry-approval bit, to be totally done in under (or well under) 2 years. Although the matching bit has a lot of right place/right time involved in it.

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