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Oxford case - interview with adopted teen

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Lilka Wed 15-May-13 22:52:31

I was hearing coverage of the case in Oxford where the men were just found guilty of rape, arranging prostitution of children

One of the victims was an adopted teen and she gave an interview to the BBC today - she is a very articulate person

I found it very moving in several ways so i thought I would share

I found it so awfully sad...but also I was moved by how the girl described her mum's fight to help her and how she felt her mum was 'amazing' and she was insightful about her mum's problem (there was no one to help her help me). It was clear how much she loves her mum and how amazing her mum truly is.

It also offers a bit of hope, because it shows you can come out of such dark periods - she describes feeling addicted to drink, cannabis and crack cocaine - but now she has come through a trial and is taking some steps away from that. It is so wonderful when our troubled teens can do this

KristinaM Thu 16-May-13 09:39:56

Thanks for posting this link lilka

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