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help please- eating problem

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gallivantsaregood Fri 08-Mar-13 20:20:07

Thanks everyone :-D. Lo is home and doing amazingly well. Eating loads more than he did before ( due to no rice being added to bottles), drinking really well. Fill of laughs and smiles, wants lots of hugs and I think we have the sleeping cracked. He's used to going to bed at 10pm and was a really restless sleeper. Last night he was in bed by 7 pm and tucked in tight, slept for 12 hours :-D . Feeling very blessed xx

fasparent Thu 07-Mar-13 17:31:37

Hi Have experienced many Intro's with this problem over the years , Italian is right straw bottles are good, like the fact Lo downd in one. Some encouragement there for the future. No doubt the new health worker will advise you, also would think regardes vitamine substitute too.
Have a little one will be doing intro's with soon, similar problems is now using bottle and straw , also this is good for teeth , Will not eat hot or warm food either. Tend too leave as much as we can too New Mums/Parents so they can experiance some of Baby/Childs 1st's.

Italiangreyhound Tue 05-Mar-13 21:53:59

gallivantsaregood Great news, well done.

We meet our social worker next week, I hope! Thanks for asking.

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 04-Mar-13 23:20:17


And I should have said I completely agree with Italian's suggestions re novelty cups (Disney et al may be awful, but they are brilliant for persuading small children to eg clear their plate so they can see Mickey, or try not to get .Minnie wet on new pants when potty training...)

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 04-Mar-13 23:18:00

That's great new gallivant. How are intros going?

gallivantsaregood Sun 03-Mar-13 08:11:56

Thanks Italian. Much ado about nothing. I did cheat a bit. Currently has lots of rice in bottle ( baby bottle uses still) I was told no swallow issues and was told I could give water, if lo would drink it which was highly unlikely.

I bought smaller holed teats and didn't put any rice in and lo drank bottle in 1 go!!!! Naughty sine i'm not supposed to change anything but lo needs to drink! All feeds I have seen lo has fought and struggled to settle to drink.........

Anyway such relief in this house yesterday, I can tell you. Much happier lo all round, relaxed, smiles and all :-D

When lo moves on to drinking not from a baby bottle ( hopefully in the not too distant future) I will certainly take on board your advice above. Good luck with process and matching. Hope it doesnt take too long xx

Italiangreyhound Sat 02-Mar-13 08:23:25

Hi gallivantsaregood I have not adopted yet, we are at home study stage. I do have a birth child, DD aged 8. I have no experience of special needs kids but I do know adults with Downs.

Is there a medical reason why little one struggles to drink? Anything physical or like that?

I can only suggest what I might do and that would be.... to buy her/him a special novelty cup, perhaps something that comes with a straw in it or attached, or has a special 'jacket' cover that goes over the mug, or perhaps a special one you can write their name on.

Maybe even try getting one for you and one for lo. Get foster parents to use the mug a few times with her.

If anyone thinks that is a bad idea, please do shout.

Here are some sites - no idea at all if they are any use but hope they are.

If the child ended up becoming fixacted on that one particular cup I would be tempted to just end up buying more, if you can afford it, so that in the end the funny cup and all the other cups become blended into your kitchen wares!

I even saw a mug the other day with a knitted jacket! That kind of thing could be helpful because the 'jacket' can be moved onto another cup or mug or even a paper cup and can be carried with you. Personally, I cannot knit for toffee but I think my church is full of old ladies who can! And I bought this mug and 'jacket' at a church sale!

Hope all is well in these introductions and good luck with lo.

gallivantsaregood Sat 02-Mar-13 07:39:25


Hoping someone can help with this. We are in the middle of intros with our lo who is just fantastic!

Lo is 16 mths old and has some delays due to Down's Syndrome. Lo is compketely unmotivated by food but is used to bring exclusively fed( predominantly bottles as doesnt take much solid) by 1 FC. Refuses to drink for anyone else.

I am worried more about dehydration in the short tern and do think the eating will come. Probably too full of formula to want to eat atm.........

Dies anyone have any advice how I can win lo round to drink for me.

Have done all the usual things and lo is affectionate, accepting comfort from me etc but just won't drink.

Plan on trying a cup, spoon or even syringe if absolutely necessary hut would rather lo managed the bottle as that is what is usual for lo. Tbh even FC does have to struggle with lo most of the time to get fluids in

Thanks in advance. Am really anxious about this. Otherwise we are confident that transition is and will continue to go well with the expected upsets along the way

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