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Books on adoption for children

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Italiangreyhound Thu 17-Jan-13 01:11:52

Hi all, just googling around and found this link to a massive amount of books on adoption for kids. NO IDEA if any are any good and wondered if you wise people could advise. What I did notice is that the books cover quite a few transracial adoptions etc and overseas adoption and I just felt the books looked quite bright and exciting but no idea if anyone can advise that some are better than others....


Yes, getting ahead of myself and won't actually buy any yet but just curiouos.

adoptmama Thu 17-Jan-13 10:21:50

Most of ours are to do with transracial/international but not actually of my DDs ethnicity and she doesn't seem to care smile I think stories about adoption - whether they really reflect your eventual child's life story or not - are great to have as they simply normalise adoption and give your child the language to talk about it.

We like 'A Mother For Choco' and 'I Love You Like Crazy Cakes'. Also love all the books by Todd Parr but especially 'We Belong Together' (specifically about adoption) and 'the Family Book' - loads of different families and ever so matter of factly there is the adoptive family. So lovely and colourful - all of them! Both of mine kids love Parr's books and ask for them over and again. Something about his illustrations just grabs them and makes them feel good smile

Another great book by Julia Donaldson (of the Gruffalo) is 'Monkey Puzzle' which is simply about how Monkey is lost and looking for his mummy with the help of butterfly. Butterfly points out loads of animals and Monkey keeps saying that can't be his mummy as the tail is different, or the legs etc - they don't look like Monkey so can't be his mummy. In the end, butterfly says something like 'none of my babies look like me.' I just got it for the DDs because I like Julia Donaldson's books, but the first time I read it, it was like 'wow, she wrote a book about adoption without even realising it' smile

We also like 'Over the Moon' by Karen Katz which is about adopting their daughter from India. I remember showing it to the psychologist during the prep course and he loved the illustrations, commenting how much positive energy they had.

'Tell Me Again About the Night I was born' by actress Jamie Lee Curtis is lovely but may not be everyone's cup of tea smile

We have used some of the books for older children but my oldest is only rising 6 so we still mostly use the younger ones. However I have found 'We Are Adopted' useful in many respects.

Happy reading smile

AngelsWithSilverWings Thu 17-Jan-13 12:17:53

We were given one called A Blessing from Above. It's a simple sweet story and good for younger children. I struggled a bit with the religious side of it as I'm an atheist but in the absence of any other books I read it my DCs.

It would be wonderful if someone could write a great children's book with a positive view of adoption.

Italiangreyhound Thu 17-Jan-13 13:08:27

Angels I would love to write a book about it. Have tried to write a lot and it is a kind of hobby of mine.

I wonder if libraries stick books on adoption or can order them in??

Italiangreyhound Thu 17-Jan-13 13:09:00

Oh Angels and Adoptamama, thank you for replying

Hayleyh34 Thu 17-Jan-13 13:10:42

One thing to add. My DD hates reading about adoption/hearing stories about it. She knows her own story and is happy to discuss that but she will get really fidgety and walk off if she's read a book about adoption.

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