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Advice - adoption order is in and going to the Judge tomorrow

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oinker Mon 21-Jan-13 18:05:08

I can remember the excitement 1st time round with DS��
This time round I have that icky feeling of dread and excitement. Sounds odd, but cos we've been through the turmoil and disruption of concurrent planning - it's surreal to think we are nearing the final adoption hurdle. I dread it cos, I can't bear another mistake or delay by social services. I pray this will be it.
Fingers crossed blush

AngelsWithSilverWings Thu 17-Jan-13 12:30:42

It probably differs between courts but we were telephoned on the afternoon of the direction hearing to be told that the adoption had been made legal. We were then given the date for our adoption celebration hearing which was a few weeks later.

It was different with our first DC in that the day we attended court was the actual day the judge signs off the adoption.

oinker Thu 17-Jan-13 08:07:04

First direction hearing is on 12th Feb!
grin Can't wait grin

Andro Fri 04-Jan-13 13:37:51

They're keeping you in the loop, making sure you know who has 'custody' of the paperwork.

Good luck and hopefully you'll receive a date soon - but that will really depend on how busy they system is at the moment.

oinker Thu 03-Jan-13 20:11:05

Things may as well be going in reverse!
I called for an update...........Apparently the judge agrees papers r in order then decides a date for direction hearing. This had not yet been donehmm
Why ring us and get us excitedblush

Who knows?

Things going on GO SLOW!

Maryz Wed 02-Jan-13 19:42:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Italiangreyhound Mon 31-Dec-12 00:57:18

No words of wisdom.

Just wanted to say hope it all goes well.

oinker Sun 30-Dec-12 20:54:15

We are chuffed.

Got a call on Friday from the legal clerk who said our application would be going to the judge on Monday. grin
What will the judge be doing with it?
What decision will be made?
Will we get a court date? I hope sosmile

Any ideas what the Judges first action is?


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