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encouraging bonding and atrachment

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gallivantsaregood Wed 26-Dec-12 20:32:10

Hi everyone,

Very soon our lo will be coming home ( we hope). He is coming to join our family and will become our son.Very excited here.

He will be approx 16mths but does have a bit of a delay and operates approx 1 yr old.. He is teeny and adorable.

Can any of you lovely people point me in the right direction of reading materials to help us to help him settle, to grieve for his current carers and to bond and attach to us.

Although this is a permanent fostering situation, our situation is more like adoption than fostering due to circumstances which J's why I posted here.

Iknow about the basics in relation to sheiks, limiting visitors, nit allowing anyone to change nappies, feed etc for a while, but nit sure how long etc? Or is it just dependent on him?

Any advice very gratefully received :-D

FamiliesShareGerms Thu 27-Dec-12 07:07:52

I'm sorry to post the most useless reply, in part because we didn't read any helpful literature but played it by ear, and in part because I am intrigued about the "sheiks" from your OP.... grin

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