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Whoop whoop

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Fishwife1980 Fri 16-Nov-12 17:50:07

Oh my good feel so much better just had home visit from lady from VA and it went really well

Oh even picked sw up from bus stop (we must get some brownie points for that)

She was here for about 2 and a half hours and boy did we chat she said she feels really postive about us the only concern she had was the resources oh would draw on as he works with people who are coming to the end of there life but she say she felt she could recommend we move to the next stage
it just felt so postive not boggy like the visit from the LA

The sw from the VA said she is aiming to get this typed up with in the next two days and get it submitted

Wonder what happens now i supposed i will get some kind on letter saying yes or no

It feels so diffrent the the 3 home vists we had from the La

TheTragicClam Fri 16-Nov-12 17:53:27

Excellent news, it's so important that you feel happy with your LA/agency's approach. The experience of becoming an adopter depends so much on how well you get on with the SWs.

I hope they get back to you soon - fingers crossed for you

Fishwife1980 Fri 16-Nov-12 18:33:19

Yes and even if they say no which i hope they dont at least we are being judged fairly

We very much felt that when we aproched the LA they already thought they knew who we were and the sw was just going back to the team with the wrong answer we felt she actally quite liked us we were evean told by here i am not really keen on coming again and could have asked over the phone but my manager insisted i come for the 3rd time, we were told by our va that 3 home visits were exsssive to say the least espically as we already fostered for the LA

I just feel soo much better already

We now have a exit plan for detangling from the LA as foster carers and withdrawing our intrest in adoptiong and have the ball rolling with a VA that we like and hope likes us

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