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It's nearly over, ideas for celebration please :)

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topbannana Sun 30-Sep-12 21:38:18

I posted on here some months ago regarding step parent adoption and received some great advice which DH and I were very grateful for smile
After what seems like an age, we have our final court date for two weeks time. We have been told we need only turn up to the celebratory hearing and the SW has assured DS(8) that everything is good and that she is going to recommend the adoption proceeds (it has fleetingly crossed my mind that it could all go tits up but the signs say otherwise)
So after the celebration we are coming home to DS's favourite dinner rather than going out for a meal as we had suggested- apparently I am a better cook than any restaurant <preens> grin
The following weekend we have my parents and DS's "aunt and uncle" coming for dinner (at DS's request) We will have fireworks and balloons, eat , drink and be merry smile smile smile
Apart from that what do you wise folk advise? We wanted to get DS a gift but struggled to think what it could be. My parents (to whom he is The Only Grandchild) want us to go halves on the much desired Kindle but I sort of thought of something more personal (although he will LOVE a Kindle and get hours of enjoyment from it) Is this too extravagent and if so could you suggest a more personal, less OTT gift?
I also wanted to get a little something for DH as he has taken us both on and has been a driving force in the adoption going ahead. It is a big thing for him as well yet the focus (understandably) is all on DS yet I wanted him to know how grateful we both were for what he has done for us.
Any ideas would be very gratefully received, thank-you smile

Lilka Sun 30-Sep-12 22:24:51

I get my kids one christmas present each year which is a 'special gift' and also on adoption day

Their adoption day present (they all got this) is a locket with a family portrait on one side and their picture on the other. I wondered if DS would appreciate a locket, but there are nice boys/mens ones and he loves it smile

You could do very personal things which don't cost much money. Make a 'family book' of special moments, for DS. Or you and DS could do that for DH - get a small photobook or album thing, and put in photos and write down special memories and the things you love the most about him

Professional family portrait?

A kindle may be a nice present though, if he would get hours of enjoyment out of it. Gifts that are less personal at first, can become very important if they are used often enough

And congratulations, what an exciting time smile

DameKewcumber Mon 01-Oct-12 11:32:40

I'd have a professional photo shoot (a relaxed one) done and each of you can have a framed photo to remember. I would feel slightly uncomfortable myself about a particular present to thank DH for "taking you both on" - neitehr you nor your son are a pity case and I'd be wary about the message it would send your DS that he should feel grateful for your husband's actions.

DameKewcumber Mon 01-Oct-12 11:35:05

OOps just read Lilka's post properly and see she has laready suggested that!

If you are going to Holborn for court there is a nice Paul coffe shop across the road - we invited sw and guardian ad litem over for coffee and cake with us which was nice.

I bought DS nothing because his final hearing was such a long time after being placed (3 years) that it felt odd to me commemorating something which was (in his eyes) the status quo (but then he was only 4).

topbannana Mon 01-Oct-12 14:37:34

I love the idea of a "little book" of memories, thanks for that smile
Dame I don't think I probably expressed myself very well concerning DH (it was a Sunday evening!!) I sort of meant a small gift from me personally but I completely see your point. I will ponder on that a while.
It is a really exciting time, particularly as it has taken us so long to pluck up the courage to put us all through it. As it was the process was just time consuming and tedious rather than all out horrific quite an eye opener concerning SW's and SS priorities mind hmm

Moomoomie Tue 02-Oct-12 19:58:06

On our girls adoption days. We had a professional photo session and a small family party. We also bought them a gold bracelet each, an adult sized one, which at the moment is still in their memory boxes.
However you celebrate I hope you have a great day.

Italiangreyhound Tue 02-Oct-12 21:20:21

I'd suggest the Kindle for Christmas because it will go out of date in some time and be replaced.

I'd want to get a gift that will not go out of date. E.g. a pewter tankard with his name on, a pint or half pint one, he can drink squash out of it now and beer when he is 18! Unless you are all teetotal!

Or a very special picture frame engraved with the date.

Love the idea of a photo shoot too.

There are some manly type jewellery .... how about cuff links and a proper shirt to wear them with? The shirt will not fit in future but the cuff links will be his always, something that he likes such as racing cars ...


or BMX bike cuff links, whatever he is into....

or whatever.

It could be a twin gift, a tankard for each, father and son type gift, or cuff links for both of them!

NO I do not work for a cuff link manufacturer!


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