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Gifts for new parents

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redheelsandwine Mon 03-Sep-12 18:56:13

Hi, hope you can help. We have friends who are adopting a little girl. I was wanting to buy the new mum/dad a gift, something just for her/them. Can anyone recommend some ideas. i have tied to google some ideas, but no joy. Thank you x

Purplehonesty Mon 03-Sep-12 19:01:15

Something personal like the little girls name in a frame or on a piece of pottery?

Something with mum and dad on? Cath kidson mugs?

Lousmart Mon 03-Sep-12 19:04:24

How old is the little girl they are adopting? smile

redheelsandwine Mon 03-Sep-12 19:05:28

Thank you ladies. The baby is 11mths smile
I'm so happy for them smile

mirry2 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:06:41

Depends how much you want to spend. Personalised Emma Bridgewater mugs can be ordered from her website. Mummy, Daddy and Baby (name) mugs would be lovely but would probably cost £20 I would imagine.

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 03-Sep-12 19:06:44

Do you want to get something for the parents, the little girl, or all of them? What stage are they at (placement or legal adoption?)?

Photo frames are always good, as there will be lots of new photos to display

Practical but nice things eg Emma Bridgewater melamine crockery for a little one are good too

melliebobs Mon 03-Sep-12 19:07:01

Notonthehighstreet have lots of nice things that you can personalise smile

MrsShrek3 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:07:20

Something engraved like a birth/ adoption certificate holder? Or a silver photo frame they can put their first family photo in?

Lousmart Mon 03-Sep-12 19:10:01

One of those clay sets in a tin that you can imprint babies hands & feet into? grin

redheelsandwine Mon 03-Sep-12 19:27:20

They have had meetings with both sets of SW and been before 'the panel'. I wanted something for them, to give before baby came and then I was going to buy baby something when she arrived. I googled wooden keepsakes and got some ideas.

Just want to do something nice, but dont want to get it wrong IYSWIM x

mirry2 Mon 03-Sep-12 19:30:54

Bottle of champagne? A couple of cinema tickets?

Moomoomie Mon 03-Sep-12 19:32:37

The mugs with mum and dad on are fantastic, especially if this is their first child. I love my mum mug. It took me a long time to be called it, so is special.

FamiliesShareGerms Mon 03-Sep-12 19:35:22

I don't think you can get it wrong!

Personally, we don't want to put DD's adoption certificate on the wall (we didn't put DS's birth certificate up!) and your friends are a few months off that point anyway.

I would give them a voucher for a lovely meal out for before their daughter comes (because they won't get the chance again for a while) plus a photo frame. Friends were given a voucher for a photo session, which they loved (wouldn't have been DH's cup of tea, but you'll know whether it's something your friends would like). Useful things like crockery and cutlery can be nice keepsakes too (if you spend a bit on something like Robert Welch)

redheelsandwine Mon 03-Sep-12 19:36:41

Moomoomie thats lovely. My friend has also waited a long time x

Lovesoftplay Thu 06-Sep-12 11:19:51

I also love anything that has "Mum" or (I know I know) "yummy mummy". My best ever ever ever present was a mug from my oldest on mothers day saying "Best Mum". Mum and Dad mugs are a fab idea.

When we first got our boys, my best friend got us a big photo frame with Family engraved in it and I put the photo of our first meeting in it.

Ladyofthehouse Thu 06-Sep-12 11:39:15

What a lovely idea!

I think vouchers for a meal out before little one arrives would be lovely - we're at a similar stage and really watching our pennies but when we're at home there's so many jobs to do and things to get ready so I'm sure if they're like us something just for the 2 of them would be appreciated.

All the gifts already suggested sound lovely. Also a photo album - I think not on the high street do personalised ones or before we got a print of the name made for our nephew and glued it to a photo album which was really nice.

One of my friends also got us their names in wooden letters for the door - from Jojo maman bebe - which we really liked

I like the idea of a photo session but not initially - I'd be worried it wouldn't look natural that early on! But your friend might not be as paranoid as me!

chocaholic2011 Sun 16-Sep-12 07:42:08

Have seen a lovely personalised plaque on eBay, it has child's name at the top then 3 hanging hearts which can be personalised, was thinking birthdate, date she moved in with adopters and for the third date wasn't sure whether to put the date the adoption was finalised or the date of the celebration day in court?

Any ideas and does it sound like something you would have liked or not??? Thanks x

HappySunflower Sun 16-Sep-12 12:51:29

That sounds lovely Choc- I would have loved something like that smile

Joj123 Wed 10-Oct-12 21:26:13

Hi have seen these phatstak on eBay they are scrapbooks that you can store all sorts of thinkgs in, cards pictures and you can have them personalised if you get them at the buy it now price. I have one for all my children's pictures.

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