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Mental health issues - can we adopt?

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curlyredhair Thu 29-Sep-11 17:08:20

In a nutshell dh has depression, clinical depression, very happy whilst on AD's but not when he comes off them. We've accepted that he'll probably be on them forever, which is fine, but am I wrong to think this will mean we could never adopt?

Kewcumber Thu 29-Sep-11 17:17:32

depression does not prevent you from adopting. I don't know much about it (adopter but no mental health experince) but my friend has a serious bout of depression which wassuccessfully treated with AD's went on to adopt.

She did have to have a more indepth medical and social worker had to be sure (as you can be) that she would know to seek help if the (stressful) adoption caused a problem (post adoption depression incredibly common).

Very helpful if you have a supportive GP.

hester Fri 30-Sep-11 09:55:45

Hi, we adopted with a history of clinical depression. They will take this seriously and look into it, but it isn't necessarily a bar to being approved. They will be looking for evidence that you dh is managing his depression well, that it is not likely to recur (i.e. while on ADs), that if it did recur you would be quick to act and resourceful in getting support, and also that you would be able to protect a child from being exposed to the impact more than necessary. You will need your GP or psychiatrist (probably both) to write a letter explaining what has happened, likely prognosis, and whether they support your application to adopt.

Since your dh is managing well on ADs I think you should be positive about going forward with adoption. But you do need to be prepared for being asked lots of intrusive questions about it. Good luck.

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