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Anyone else mum to Chinese adopted girls?

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auntierozzi Thu 22-Sep-11 10:22:55

We have 2 lovely Chinese daughters, now both aged 8, the oldest is nearly 9. I would love to hear from other mums and to exchange info. about boosting up your beautiful daughters. I am always looking for stories where the heroine has lucious black hair and almond eyes to counter all the blonde heroines they encounter!! Anybody else know what I mean?

Kewcumber Thu 22-Sep-11 11:01:11

I have a kazakh son (aged nearly 6) who many people think is chinese so I guess we'd sorta count except for not being chinese or a girl!

We are lucky that our (london) shcool is very multi ethnic and he in in a class with Japanese, Sudanese, mixed race korean, syrian, black, singaporean children so he doesn't notice the differnce so much yet. He also has a British born of Hong Kong extraction school tennis coach which is fab because teh common sterotype of oriental males is that they are nerdy swots who talk in a funnt accent!

Also the school has some very good story books around gender and racial stereotyping which would be worth getting though they very often address Black or mixed race issues than than any other race, the message is pretty much the saem. Theres a lovely book called "amazing grace" Mary Hoffman and Caroline Binch which might be worth getting.

Other than that I don't make a particular point of looking for stories with Central Asian male role models (because truly there really aren't any!).

For a short while I've made my profile public so you can see what I mean about him looking chinese to the uneducated eye (though infact he really doesn;t!)

There are other china adoptive mums on here who will wander over at some point but only one that I know of posts regularly.

Kewcumber Thu 22-Sep-11 11:04:19

auntierozzi Thu 22-Sep-11 12:38:52

Hello Kewcumber,
Thanks for letting me see your beautiful little boy and for the book recommendation. When I think how much time I used to spend on line researching adoption years ago. Never time now. It's good to meet other adoptive parents to compare notes from time to time isn't it? We live in a tiny village where all the other kids were born here. I would like to live in a more multicultural place and we are likely to move. Thanks for your message ;-)

Kewcumber Thu 22-Sep-11 16:27:48

sorry just realised that my profile is full of bruise photos - it was relevant to another health thread!

hester Thu 22-Sep-11 22:59:31

He makes my heart melt every time, kew smile

auntierozzi, my adopted younger dd is half Jamaican, so I don't have much useful to say. But full sympathies on the blonde heroine thing. My oldest dd went through a long phase of saying she wants yellow hair, and that you have to have yellow hair to be a princess or a fairy sad. She now talks about wanting to dye her hair black and be a cool rockstar, which feels a lot more fun grin

auntierozzi Mon 26-Sep-11 13:50:36

Hello Hester :-) Good to hear from you.. I think the yellow hair thing is a phase isn't it? There are lots of different beauties out there to appreciate and help our children to appreciate aren't there. My girls sometimes want me to dye my hair black like them but I just haven't got that silky shiny look like they have!
Kewcumber I hope that your injuries have healed up now :-)

Kewcumber Mon 26-Sep-11 14:48:24

the injuries weren't actually injuries - I developed an autoimmune condition a few years ago which stopped me from clotting. The bruises pictured are from things like having a plaster put on and taken off and having blood taken. It was very impressive particularly in conjunction with the head to tow rash I had - most attractive (and more to the point life threatening!) I am currently in remission though which seems to be holding, fingers crossed.

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