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i am pregnant 8-12 weeks

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1natasha Thu 30-Jun-11 21:59:40

i just find out that i am pregnant , did not feel sick like with my other 3
all its was i feel very sleepy , no energy , not eating normal less , lost wait
its going on for few month now
this baby wasent been plan & he/she did not ask 2 be created
i tald my husband he was in shok , we did not plan 4 this baby ,
about 2 split up , he want me get rid of IT ( how he call the baby)
my oldest daughter 12 very happy , she happy 2 b oldest sister again look after baby.....
what shall i do i know for sure i am NOT agree for abortion NEVER
where do i go with my kids i want to keep this baby ,
i have no one here , no where to go sad

hester Thu 30-Jun-11 22:47:27

Oh natasha, you poor love.

OK, so abortion and adoption are both out? You're keeping the baby? Just wanting to be clear about that because you're posted in adoptions, but it sounds as though that is not an option for you.

So is it practical help you need at this point? You say you've got nowhere to go: where are you living now? Can you stay there?

Are you financially ok?

Do you think your dh would go to Relate counselling with you, to help you work out how to go forward?

I strongly urge you to repost this elsewhere, as the adoption threads are a bit of a minority interest.

duchesse Thu 30-Jun-11 23:07:11

Oh my goodness this must be a shock for you of course. I think you need to take time to digest the news before deciding on any course of action. Your man does not sound at all supportive (what a rock), but do you have any other family who can help you through this? I've nothing else I can suggest- just keep posting on MN if you need any more support and advice.

smokeandglitter Sat 02-Jul-11 21:27:05

Duchesse's idea of family sounds good, or because of children, council should give you emergency accomodation. I knew someone who had to place their baby in short-term foster care until their housing situation sorted out.

I hope something gets worked out. hugs Keep us updated.

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