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Waiting for matching panel

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TimsterC Tue 28-Jun-11 12:19:19

We have been approved and linked but waiting for matching panel.
Got very emotional in IKEA at the w/e buying wardrobes and toy storage. It's finally coming true and we are close to being Mum and Dad of 2. grin) A month to go until intros and I'm starting to get nervous about being 'Daddy Day Care' for our two. Not a natural 'man about the house', house proud/work kind of guy, we have written me a rota of housework to do throughout the week, or it will never get done. grin(

shivster1980 Tue 28-Jun-11 12:33:17

Congratulations on your link! Mine took nearly 5 months from linking to matching only because of cock-ups with the paperwork for our DS. It was soooooo frustrating. Hope your wait isn't so long.

One small piece of advice: Bugger the housework (or at least some of it). If you expect to complete piles of housework daily and keep a tidy clean home you will be disappointed grin wink but that's the joy of kids!

Whilst my DS was at home with me I tidied away his toys of an evening and ran the hoover round whilst DH bathed him - and that was about it.

How old are your prospective little ones? Naps are good housework but if they are both still napping you may want to use the time for yourself.

Alternatively, take them to the park! Then the house stays tidier for longer. smile

Best of luck - so exciting!

TimsterC Tue 28-Jun-11 12:52:03

Thanks Shivster1980,

4 & 6 so DS will be part time come Sept and DD will be starting Yr2

I think I'd like to keep the house tidy, but don't want to spend all day on it. Clearly I don't want to as I'll have DS to entertain until we collect DD from school.

Kewcumber Tue 28-Jun-11 20:49:50

Oh staying out of the house is excellent idea - both to avoid making a mess and to avoid having to do any actual housework and to wear out 4 year old boys... grin

Congratlulations - hope all goes smoothly.

flossymuldoon Tue 28-Jun-11 21:10:10

Ooohh...HUGE congrats!!!

Bugger housework! I was never that great at it anyway, and since the 21 month tornado arrived at our house 3 months ago it has gone to pot. I do the dusting when i start to see his finger marks in it. Spending as much time as poss at the park running him ragged certainly helps as if i'm not in the house i don't see it! I do tidy away his toys at the end of the day and vacuum pretty regularly though.

Last week the little one wore a cotton shirt. I told him to enjoy wearing it as he proably wouldn't see it again, as once it was washed it was ulikely to make it back out of the ironing pile before he outgrew it grin

Maryz Wed 29-Jun-11 10:33:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TimsterC Wed 29-Jun-11 13:33:34

Thanks all for your comments. I'm coming to think that I need to find the quickest route to the local park so that we can be there for as long as possible between meal times. I just hope the Dearly Beloved doesn't create an account and find our what great advice I'm getting.

@flussymuldoon That's just so funny. I think someone should invent a cool touch iron that is safe for children to use.
Hmmmmmmmm (put's on thinking cap)

twinmummy24 Wed 29-Jun-11 13:54:10

wow, huge congrats on the match, i remember the excitement well!
when my DD's came home we lived on take away for weeks and my mum popped in once a week to run a hoover around, mind you we had 11 month old twins placed with us so every thing was completely crazy grin
think i have now embraced the crazy kids stuff, there are toys everywhere and kids drawings stuck up all over the place, i keep telling myself i will start to tidy up when they start school in september! also i have not ironed one thing since the girls were placed with us!
matching panel was so scary for us because against all usual policy we had been allowed to meet the girls before panel and had totally fallen in love, nothing to worry about though it was fab when we went into the room the whole back row of the panel were sat in tears because they thought it was such a brilliant match and were so happy smile
good luck, heres hoping everthing goes well for you.

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