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indian surrogacy??

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theowlandthepussycatwenttosea Thu 16-Jun-11 19:11:03

I am considering surrogacy using an indian surrogate. we are going to india basically because of the shortage of uk surrogates.

Has anyone else done this or considered it but decided against it? I am really interested in hearing from anyone else who has any experience of this even if they didn't go down this route in the end. thanks.

harrisrebecca Thu 16-Jun-11 19:26:18

Hija, we are in the middle of a surrogacy - due July!_ but we went through uk organisation. Actually were matched with a lovely surrogate, now our friend, quickly. This time last year we had only just met her and now nearly there! Did you go down the surrogacy path here already?

QOD Thu 16-Jun-11 19:28:44

There was a program on about the Indian surrogacy clinics some time ago, I didn't see it but heard good things. It's all host/ivf surrogacy isn't it so they are purely kind incubating?

beemail Thu 16-Jun-11 19:29:57

There was a tv programme about this recently showing it from the perpective of the surrogates. it was called Google Baby and I think was on channel 4.

theowlandthepussycatwenttosea Thu 16-Jun-11 20:08:11

thanks - I didn't see the programme but have heard it didn't paint a very good picture of the whole scheme. so I just wanted to know if anyone on here has actually done it or has any first hand info they can share. we have considered uk surrogacy but not that much as not sure we'd get a surrogate - we already have a child but would love for the child to have a sibling. I can't carry another child as a result of medical negligence and would love to "cheat fate" by having another child if that makes sense.

harrisrebecca Thu 16-Jun-11 20:59:21

My husband has 4 children from his first marriage and we still managed find a surrogate who was interested. To be honest some surrogates want to help people who have not managed to have a second child. Sorry don't know anything about Indian Surrogacy but would guess it would be more straight forward to do in the uk. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

Pang Thu 30-Jun-11 17:47:37

I saw the programme on Channel 4 and it seemed a bit like factory farming. I felt very sorry for those women whose only way of surviving was to rent their wombs to wealthy westerners.

beemail Thu 30-Jun-11 20:41:40

Yes it was like that and hard to get over this no matter how much you could see that ultimately the money would enable them to have an improved qualitty of life/better education for their children etc etc
It really was worth watching if Indian surrogacy is under serious consideration.

oodlesofdoodles Sat 02-Jul-11 19:10:02

I know someone who has two children by surrogate and the second time the s. mother approached them and suggested carrying a sibling. So don't assume that no-one would want to help you. Good luck.

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