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tiptoptally Sun 12-Jun-11 23:41:30

Hi, I'm wondering if there is anyone here who has experience of surrogacy? It is looking as though host surrogacy will be the only way I can have a baby and would love to hear from anyone who has been through it/has considered it.


Italiangreyhound Thu 16-Jun-11 23:59:29

Hi tiptoptally I am afraid I have not had personal experience of this but did not want your post to go unanswered. I do know someone who was a surrogate and she found it (she said) a very positive experience which she really wanted to have. But I do not know anyone who became a parent through Surrogacy. If you Google it I am sure you will find some stories of people who have been through it. All the very best with your journey.

Italiangreyhound Fri 17-Jun-11 00:02:34

PS There is a thread on here called Indian Surrogacy which also contains examples of people who have had UK surrogacy, I think.

tiptoptally Sun 19-Jun-11 23:09:01

thank you!

ac73 Tue 12-Jul-11 13:10:37


We are in the midst of going through this process at the moment. We have a friend who wants to be our surrogate and have had a couple of appointments already. Not sure if you can access my private email address from this site? but I'm very happy to chat about this with you.

QOD Sun 21-Aug-11 13:52:54

I have a 12 yr old DD thru straight surrogacy with a friend.
Ask away

Italiangreyhound Mon 29-Aug-11 23:38:16

Hi all

Last night I watched a great documentary. It was

It was very interesting and also (I felt) kind of gave some more of the story of why people wanted to be helped by surrogates and why others wanted to be surrogates. It showed how these young women (one who was only just turning 20) felt, what they thought about it all, but it did not quite paint the full picture of infertility. One couple were quite dead pan and although they said all the things about emotion they were rather quiet and laid back! I felt in some ways that people who were very expressive and 'gushing' about the whole experience would be more ‘interesting’/likely to secure help from a person wanting to be a surrogate. I mean that the surrogate might really appreciate someone who kept in touch, said a lot, did a lot, etc. But any couple who has had years of infertility and failed treatment may find it harder to be that expressive and to actually acknowledge that this might really work for them. I just felt quite emotional watching it. I felt sympathy and care for all the people, it was a really good documentary in that rather than just feeling that I was watching someone else life as a kind of ‘voyeur’, I was actually interested and concerned and learning something – if you see what I mean! I would love to hear from anyone else who has watched it and has any views on it.

Just FYI we are currently going through IVF with donor eggs after many years of trying for number 2. I know this is an adoption thread and we have also considered that and may well consider it again. I was just interested in this documentary and there do not appear to be any threads on conception about surrogacy, and I knew there was one on here.

No worries if no one wants to comment.

firsttimesurrogate Wed 03-Oct-12 22:57:02

hi all im new to this site and dont want to give to much info out but am lookin to see if any one else as been or is in the process of becoming a surrogate for the 1st time?
just a little insight to my process so far for you :D
on monday the 1st october (2 days ago) i had a blastocyst transfer (day5 embryo) can any1 tell me what to expect i.e your experience how you felt etc etc i would be greatful
im so excited for my IP's but i dont want to obviously want to jump the gun so to speak :D
would love to hear others journeys so far
what do u think the chances are smile
many thanks smile

Italiangreyhound Thu 04-Oct-12 00:07:19

There was a surrogacy thread on the conception area of mumsnet, you might have more success posting there.

Good luck. You are doing an amazing thing.

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