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Sulking in 7 year old

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dabbler Wed 24-Nov-10 16:58:37

DD age 7 has always tended towards sulking when she doesn't get her own way rather than screaming or shouting or crying. We have managed to deal with it in various ways in the past, the most successful having been joking or jollying her out of it. Reasoning with her almost never works for some reason. However, her sulks are increasing and becoming too frequent and I'm beginning to think we are not dealing with it in the right way.

Eg yesterday she wanted something for breakfast that she couldn't have (she has stomach problems) so had a sulky, aggrieved pout all the way to school even though it was explained to her why she can't have that particular cereal. Last weekend she didn't want to go out to a restaurant and started sulking and pouting so in the end we gave up and didn't go (probably the wrong thing to do but it would have spoiled the whole occasion anyway!).

If she slams the door and runs to her room she will usually come back later and hang around with a long face which kind of spoils our dinner or whatever else we are doing. I have to admit the sulking does get to me - my father was the world's worse sulker and made all our live's a misery with it. Having said that we don't give in to it usually (exception last weekend!).

Otherwise she is generally quite happy and has friends at home and school, her school work is OK.

I'd love to hear from others who have dealt with sulking successfully

dabbler Wed 24-Nov-10 17:00:07

Sorry posted in wrong place! Will post in Behaviour

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