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History of depression would like to adopt from overseas am I doomed?

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Skinnymochawithcream Thu 28-Oct-10 07:51:47

I have also posted mental health. I know overseas adoption starts locally, I have a history of depression, with suicidal thoughts, currently in therapy with psychotherapist not on meds. Am I doomed?

NanaNina Thu 28-Oct-10 13:35:29

I think there would be concerns about your mental health problems. You don't say how long you have had m/h problems and the way your m/h history has panned out (so to speak). It isn't really about being "doomed" it is about whether your are going to be fit enough to care for a child and what would happen if you had a relapse and how this would affect the chid. You also need to think about YOU. I have had m'h problems and know the horror of this illness and thank god my kids were all grown up when I had my first episode some years ago. Am currently trying to reover from a second episode.

Adoption in the UK or overseas can be a very stressful business and I would wonder how this would affect your problems. Overseas adoptions are particularly streesful.

KristinaM Thu 28-Oct-10 21:41:26

I'm sorry, but i think you might struggle to get approved to adopt. you should write to your local authority adoption team and ask them if your medical condition would preclude you from adopting. They should consult with their medical advisor and they may ask for a report from your consultant

i'm sorry i cant be more positive

Kewcumber Fri 29-Oct-10 00:51:41

To add to what Kristina said - I'm afraid that even if you were approved in the UK many countries would rule you out as the attitude to mental health problem is even more entrenched than it is here. I know for example that Russia now requires a psychological evaluation for adopters. But it does depend on how supportive your GP/consultant is, how well you are dealing with it and what country you are choosing to adopt from.

A fellow adopter had depression which was related to her failed IVF and she and her DH successfully adopted from overseas, however she had a very supportive GP, was not currently being treated and was able to convince everyone that it was situational and A) unlikely to reoccur b) that she would recognise it and get it treated early if it did

NoelEdmondshair Tue 09-Nov-10 09:21:02

Inter country adoption is incredibly stressful and there is no guarantee that even after being approved to adopt you will actually get a child. Foreign countries frequently suspend or stop their ICA programmes altogether. People wishing to adopt from China are currently waiting 4 and a half years from their application being received by the Chinese authorities to being matched with a child. They didn't anticipate this wait so you can imagine how hard it is for them.

Also there are very few countries that Britons can adopt from.

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