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Skittlebug Wed 30-Sep-20 10:19:51

I have applied to do a building surveying msc, about a week ago, they were really prompt in sending off for my references but I haven't heard anything since. When is acceptable to query my application? I know things are probably fraught at the moment, but I'm also keen to hear back. Thanks!

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PersephonePromotesEquanimity Wed 30-Sep-20 16:37:40


Mine took a couple of months!

But doesn't it say, anywhere in the guidance notes, roughly when you'll receive the result of your application? Presumably this is for next year?

Skittlebug Wed 30-Sep-20 18:59:23

No I applied for this year, it was still open for applicants so I just went for it xx

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QuestionableMouse Wed 30-Sep-20 19:01:18

I applied for a few. Think it took a couple of weeks at least to hear back.

Can you log in to check the progress?

Skittlebug Thu 01-Oct-20 08:35:55

Yeah I have but still says under review by the application team. Just getting a bit angsty haha

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parietal Thu 01-Oct-20 12:46:15

All our MSc courses have been massively oversubscribed this year and we aren't taking any new people. For us, this week is induction week so staff are overwhelmed with looking after lots of new students. If they had a place on the course, chances are they should have told you by now.


QuestionableMouse Thu 01-Oct-20 12:55:36

It honestly can't hurt to ring them just to double check. Good luck!

Skittlebug Thu 01-Oct-20 13:32:32

Aww no, really? Well, gutted now!

Thank you! I have emailed admissions... if no response I'll ring tomorrow, I'd rather have a no than just no response.

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Skittlebug Fri 16-Oct-20 18:53:50

They only just came back to me, unconditional offer!! Thanks everyone xxx

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