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Mumteedum Sat 20-Jun-20 13:09:36

I've delivered online lectures live so far since March which is no problem. I've done pre recorded video feedback and also short video tutorials on specific areas of practice for years. Also, not a problem.

What I've just had to do though is a pre recorded video for an online open day and I'm cringing myself to death. I want to do it again as I'm erming my way through it and I feel really self conscious. Not sure I have time though.

I'm a bit annoyed at having to do it at all as it was forced on us from on high.
It'll end up on our YouTube channel. I don't want to be publicly online like this. Anyone else feel the same? Have you got used to it? I'm not a bluddy TV presenter. I'm a lecturer 😭

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PhoneLock Sun 21-Jun-20 14:07:21

I've not had to do any yet. My husband has been asked to one for an upcoming open day with some ridiculous deadline considering he is up to his neck in exam marking. He has done them before so knows that pre-recording takes a lot longer than delivering live if you want to do it properly. Also, there is a live chat afterwards and he needs a serious haircut!

He hates it but we have been told that it is likely all lectures will be done this way in future, not just while coronavirus is an issue.

I'm not a bluddy TV presenter. I'm a lecturer

He is seriously considering leaving because he really enjoys lecturing live.

parietal Mon 22-Jun-20 23:15:17

I have colleagues who have done online lectures for a MOOC for the last few years. For each 1 hour lecture, they will spend about 3 hours filming with a proper film crew (camera person + sound person) and lighting and makeup etc. Then professional editing.

Now we all have to do the same from our bedrooms with a webcam. No wonder the results are a bit rubbish.

One thing that can help for the open days etc. is to make it a conversation, not just a 'talk to camera video'. So record a zoom call where one person asks the questions and the other answers - it seems much more natural & is more watchable. Also much easier for both participants to do.

Mumteedum Mon 22-Jun-20 23:29:53

@parietal thank you, that's a great idea. The issue is our instructions have not left it up to us and we had very short notice.

I think for next time we could try your suggestion. That's v helpful.

It's taken me ages to tweak video today and I'm still not sure about it. I am concerned about it going online and staying there if I don't have control over it. I don't want to misrepresent myself.

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worstofbothworlds Wed 24-Jun-20 11:20:09

Can I ask what format you are using? I think I am going to use a Powerpoint recorded presentation for a conference presentation I'm recording but I have literally never done this before so I'm a bit nervous!

Mumteedum Wed 24-Jun-20 16:12:02

I have a prezi and recorded myself talking through it with camtasia but you do need some editing skills. I hate hate hate it! I just cringe at sound of voice let alone screen capture of me. I only did tiny bit on camera as intro.

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sleepyhead Wed 24-Jun-20 16:17:14

I've started scripting anything that I'm recording to be viewed later, rather than a recording of a live presentation. Usually I'll make notes rather than a script as it feels more natural (and most of the stuff I do I know inside out so rarely have to refer to them), but I've found a verbatim script really helps minimise the umms and errs that go unnoticed when it's live.

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