Academic staff working off campus

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GCAcademic Wed 11-Dec-19 15:31:35

The result of this will be people working 9-5. The employer will lose out on between 10 and 30 extra hours a week from each member of academic staff. Perhaps its a roundabout way of ensuring work-life balance? <naïve>

murmuration Wed 11-Dec-19 13:52:22

Woah, yeah. If I can manage to work from home (no meetings, no lab things) I take advantage of the opportunity to get an extra hour+ work in due to lack of commuting time! I hope it's not replicated. The flexibility is the only reason I put up with the pressures of academia and its relatively low pay. Do away with that and I might as well go into industry (and have more time not working and more money!).

damekindness Wed 11-Dec-19 13:24:37

Article in the THE about staff at Teeside being required to formally request permission to work from home and that this shouldn't be for more than one or two days per term.

Is this a move towards micro managing academics that's likely to be replicated across the sector?

My ability to have autonomy and flexibility is a massive pull - without that I'm not sure what the benefits of working in HE would be? My employer gets way more than the hours they pay for because I have this freedom - curtail this and the prospect is that I deliver only what I'm able to within the available hours

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