Studying in The Netherlands

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Oldowl Sun 15-Apr-18 22:07:08

DD wants to study Political Science and is drawn towards studying in The Netherlands. She attended 'Student for the day' at Leiden University in The Hague for the International Relations and Organisation course (taught in English) last week and loved it. She is keen to learn Dutch and experience another culture. Long term plan is to work for an NGO/UN/diplomatic service.

My questions: How well regarded are Dutch universities? Are degrees taught in English cash cows? How would student life in the NL differ to a UK experience. She wants to apply to University of Amsterdam and Leiden University (Hague campus).

DD would apply for Politics with Quantitative Methods at Warwick, Bristol, Exeter and Edinburgh at UK unis. She has 9A* and 3As at GCSE and is predicted A* A* A at A level (Politics, Maths and Geography).

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TheRagingGirl Tue 17-Apr-18 14:47:04

Better to ask this in the Higher Education section. This is a section for academics to talk about work issues.

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