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Ellsiedodah Wed 17-Jan-18 10:05:13

Hi all

I'm interested to hear people's views and experiences on distance learning. Just before Christmas I began the first module of the CIM Professional Marketing Diploma. I've never done distance learning before but it was the cheapest learning option and as I'm pregnant I was trying to do something that would not mean I could study during the day (as opposed to classes which are nighttime). I'm so disappointed with the learning materials - each unit is offered as: a PPT with notes (ie like what a uni lecturer would work from), with a clunky read-out version of it but without the embellishment of the detail around it that the PPT notes offer - just a poor reader slowly reading each basic slide and referring back to the PPT for any detail. And you have to click to every time you get to the next slide - no flow and no interest! There are 3 10 min podcasts, again read, slowly and not particularly well - and by someone who sounds like they're at death's door - who wants to learn through someone who just sounds shattered?! There are some pre-recorded webinars which talk a bit more around the subjects but I can't understand webinars are not the lead materials.

On top of this the college suggests 7-10 hours per unit, but with approx 150 pages of academic text to read on top of these materials per unit (and I've got 3 days per unit with no stopping) I'm massively struggling to get to grips with it in the time I have - from both an engagement perspective and a time perspective. To the point I'm genuinely thinking of giving it up for now, though I hate myself for even thinking like that. So ladies, I'm hoping for some wise words from any angle!

As a bit of context, I gave up working late Sept last year finally in a desperate attempt to fall pregnant on our second round of assisted fertility. I did fall pregnant, leaving me unemployable (plus I'd just attempted a career change which wasn't what I'd hoped it would be so I kinda had closed doors at that point anyway) so thought I'd do something productive with my time and try to show to future employers I actually want a career again after the kiddo. Oh yeah... and I already have a degree and a masters and I'm mid thirties.

Any words of advice or experiences shared would be much appreciated. Thanks so much x

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Inthedeepdarkwinter Wed 17-Jan-18 10:24:35

Ellsie I'm not sure this is quite the right place for your question, you may get more people through Chat/AIBU as this is mainly uni academics (though some may have marketing quals). Your dilemma sounds familiar to me though and I think I've read threads on MN before about marketing qualifications. This one sound uninspiring, but I think it depends how much you need the qual how much you can put up with the crap teaching...it may be worth it.

If you put 'CIM' or 'marketing' into search, then there are relevant threads on this.

Ellsiedodah Wed 17-Jan-18 12:25:06

@Inthedeepdarkwinter thanks very much for your tip

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