Taking work to seriously?

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HintBean Tue 02-Jan-18 23:09:03

I'm an early career researcher and i am finding i am taking my work far too seriously. I am putting in more hours than required and taking the project (which I am not PI on) far too personally, to the extent of worrying about it (I do have more responsibility than I should have at my level).

How do I let go a little and distance myself from it?

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HintBean Tue 02-Jan-18 23:09:43

Apologies about the typo in the title blush

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purplepandas Thu 04-Jan-18 22:32:02

Is the project benefiting you in any way? I guess I am asking whether there are personal benefits to the extra hours (e.g. publications, contacts). I am categorically not saying its okay to be doing extra but that has been my personal experience and what I see around me at work. I don't have answers but wanted to at least reply.

Can you talk to the PI about responsibilities etc?

Wauden Sat 06-Jan-18 18:46:56

Sounds like you are good at what you do and should think about are ready to take on higher responsibilities, ie move up the career ladder. I think this because you have a good sense of responsibility.

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