Applying to postdocs as a jobshare pair?

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NotSupposedtobeHere Sat 23-Dec-17 21:46:53


NotSupposedtobeHere Sat 23-Dec-17 21:46:35

When I’ve been an HoD recruiting into job share posts, it’s been crucial that each applicant has been appointable in his/her own right, as well as us considering them as a job-share couple. So separate CVs is a mudflll

Thetreesareallgone Sat 23-Dec-17 19:45:34

Usually there is a contact person, ideally an academic, for the position to ask any queries, and I would start there. It is less helpful if it is an HR person I've found. Sounds like a great idea, I would be open to getting two part-timers for the price of one, although there may be issues with sharing what are temporary roles (e.g. if one person moves on very quickly or well before the end of the project). For longer-term post-docs I think it would be good.

BuddyToBhaskar Sat 23-Dec-17 11:36:22

When a postdoc position is advertised as potentially open to jobshare candidates, how should a pair apply? A colleague and I are wanting to give this a try and really want to emphasise how well we work together and how much our research strengths and interests would complement one another. On a practical level, how do we do this? Do we write single application letters referring to one another, or a joint letter? And does it matter that we have never yet published together?

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