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seconded student nurse finishing third year wanting to get pregnant!

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SarahG12345 Sat 29-Apr-17 16:24:34

hi all!
im new to all this so im hoping im in the right place....
I finish my nursing degree in July, I am a seconded student so already have a job. im really hoping to fall pregnant over the summer break and start my full time job as a band 5 registered nurse on my previous ward in September.
if I do fall pregnant between the next few months, will I still be entitled to the full maternity benefits as I am stepping into a new role and up a few bands?? im not leaving the trust, I am going from a band 2 to 3 while I wait for my PIN to come through then into a band 5. im really worried I might not be entitled to maternity pay as Im getting a 'promotion'.
I really hope someone can help! if not, where can I ask online?

Thank you. smile

LRDtheFeministDragon Sun 30-Apr-17 05:47:55

Sorry, but I think you might not get much of a response here (could be wrong). It's mostly people working in HE, so we know about students until they graduate but not so much after that. I know there are loads of nurses on MN though, so maybe just Chat would get replies?

Best of luck with your pregnancy plans. smile

purpleallover Sun 30-Apr-17 06:33:18

If you're currently paid by NHS trust (not through student loans etc) then you would still be entitled to maternity leave. Changing jobs within the trust shouldn't impact on this. However I'd check your trusts mat leave policy.

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