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Has anyone left teaching?

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Lucyben14 Thu 23-Mar-17 17:37:52

Is there anybody out there who has left teaching for another career and would be willing to share their thoughts?
I'm growing increasingly tired of the marking but more so the absolute lack of gratitude from parents, students and management.
I just never seem to have any time for myself - I wouldn't mind if I felt valued but I'm becoming increasingly disillusioned...

LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Fri 24-Mar-17 07:27:07

Hi, you would be better posting this query on the Staffroom board in the Education topic.

leking Thu 30-Mar-17 14:10:32

Many people have no clue what it takes to teach a classroom full of kids with many many problems. Lots of them should be in special ed but the lazy special ed teachers push them off to the classroom teachers! Ask a classroom teacher sometime how many students she has that cannot even read at their level?

I used to be a teacher (and yeah this transition was quite hard especially when you have no other working experience as a teacher; at first I worked as a freelancer and writing expert and with time I became an HR manager - well after I completed a course) and used to bring home my students problems every night after a 10 hour day while the failed teacher crowd bugged out at 3 or 3:30 or earlier if they could get by with it including the principle.

College students can read they know the salary schedules of teachers today and if you read you will see they are leaving in record numbers and the kids going into the teaching profession is at record lows.

If something isn't done we are heading for a disaster in our classrooms!!!

Charmatt Tue 18-Apr-17 19:52:52

I trained as a teacher but felt it wasn't for me. I then worked as an education officer for a charity for 21 years. They decided to stop funding education so we were made redundant. I then worked as a clerk for governing bodies and now I lead that side (and the administration) of a MAT. Knowledge of education has given me a real head start in all subsequent jobs. I hope my current role is my longterm job as I love it.

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