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How do you manage your reading list(s)?

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desanto Tue 14-Feb-17 09:02:10

What kinds of systems do you have for storing and using lists of papers you want to read (for research rather than teaching)? I have an ineffective collection of TOC alerts languishing in my inbox, a few things I’ve printed out, and pdfs dumped in random places on various computers, i.e. no system to speak of. Help!

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 14-Feb-17 12:58:46

I hardly have any time to read. Instead, I rely on google scholar alerts, and do semi-systematic review of whichever angle of my topic when need arises.

And twitter - as in a fairly small field.

paxillin Tue 14-Feb-17 13:09:56

Very old school. I print the abstracts and keep them in a folder. I don't save the PDFs, it is too easy to download again any time. Faster than sorting and saving.

pamplemoussed Tue 14-Feb-17 13:13:46

I use a reader app - readcube. I could never go back to paper printing. I can also share easily. I particularly like the fact it looks at my reading library and makes suggestions about other papers I might like.

geekaMaxima Tue 14-Feb-17 13:42:56

PDFs saved to a folder on my laptop that syncs with Dropbox, so they're always backed up and I can access them elsewhere if desperate or if laptop gets fried.

I annotate as I read using Mac preview, so all my notes and comments are saved as I go (and are searchable).

Files are named with authors' names and a few keywords to make for easy searching. I wish I'd started off using the full reference as the filename but that ship has sailed...

bigkidsdidit Tue 14-Feb-17 20:59:33

I print papers or save them to my ipad. When I read them I make notes in a book, a proper book not tear-out sheets. Then dispose of the paper.

At the moment I am starting a new project so reading 2 papers every morning on pain of death. Getting up at 5am to do it sometimes if no other time available (it's necessary so I don't look like a dinlo when I give a talk in a month or so).

bigkidsdidit Tue 14-Feb-17 21:01:30

Oh I forgot to say the benefit to me of a proper book is that once a year or so I go over my old books (on no.4 now) and read them all idly. Sparks lots of thoughts (I map out ideas in the same books sometimes, doodle future grant apps etc)

dinobum Wed 15-Feb-17 06:41:12

I can't retain any information I read to readings sake - no neurological deficit, I just can't remember things! So I only read when I'm writing and then I have folders for each paper and relevant readings in my Dropbox. I'm trying to use mendeley more too but mostly I can't do screens and need to print out each paper repeatedly because I lose them/spill tea on them

Closetlibrarian Fri 17-Feb-17 20:24:49

Bookends. It's brilliant - you can create 'smart lists' using keywords. I have a 'general reading' keyword smart list that anything I import for general reading goes into. I also have other smart lists specific to projects I'm working on, courses I'm teaching, etc. It saves the pdfs of the articles to wherever you want - I save them to my dropbox so that I can access them anywhere.

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