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Fauxgina Tue 07-Feb-17 11:45:10

I've been offered an interview for a NICE Committee as a lay member, really hopeful to get it as it's related to a health condition I have and it would be amazing to be a part of the process in setting up guidelines and best practice for the issues I have.

Has anyone done similar and has any interview advice for me or an indication of the work I might need to do once it gets going? Feel like this is too niche to ask but I also feel like I'm flying blind a little!

Any advice welcome thank you wine

*I did post in chat but someone recommended I post in here, thanks for any help.

MedSchoolRat Tue 07-Feb-17 20:16:01

I don't know about their committees, but I do PPI work, which is a similar kind of role.

I imagine key thing is to be yourself, actually, say what your experiences are that are relevant & why you hope you can helpfully contribute. I doubt you even have competitors for the post, but if you do... you want to know that they like you as you are.

DoctorGilbertson Tue 07-Feb-17 22:24:13

I imagine the actual work might involve being sent lots of reports or documents to read and comment on.

I would also suggest you check how much you would be paid. The rate might only be for time in meetings not time travelling, so worth factoring that in.

Good luck. It's a really important role.

Fauxgina Thu 09-Feb-17 13:19:26

Thanks very much for your time both of you brew

Doctor I would need to travel a lot for the Committee so the honourarium per hour is not great for me, but I will be doing it more to be able to give a voice of patient experience. But thanks for the advice. And thank you for the good luck too!

MadMenFan Wed 21-Jun-17 12:03:30

Hi, I've just found out I too have an interview for a lay member role on a NICE committee. Wondered how you got on @Fauxgina?

I've done PPI work before & work in Public Health (not a PH professional) so I'm not overly nervous about those aspects of it. At the same time I'm aware NICE work is a step up and vital for this ongoing work area. So all will be tips gratefully received!

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