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Publishing/presenting/conference opportunities (on limited CPD budget)

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Tirion1649 Thu 02-Feb-17 19:40:02

I work within a small team of university academic skills tutors.

We've undertaken some research in an area relating to male student attainment and progress and have already presented it at an engagement conference. We'd like to develop it and write it up for a professional/academic journal and though we're familiar with a range of learning development related journals, we're on less certain ground when it comes to publications that focus on the perhaps narrower field of gender and student attainment. Any ideas would be gratefully received.

On a related note - our CPD budgets are modest and there isn't very much left in our individual pots for this year. We wouldn't want to attend conferences for the sake of it (far from it) but as relevant CPD opportunities (teaching academic writing; study skills; language acquisition etc aren't very extensive in-house, we'd be interested to know about free or modestly priced extenal events. I appreciate that they may be few and far betwee.

For my part, I've been researching extensive reading and reading for pleasure and academic outcomes and have presented at professional and public symposia. This is an area that I want very much to develop within the scope of my job (which includes running a student Book Club) and, again, if anyone has ideas about upskilling/networking etc in this area, I'd be pleased to hear.

sca1een Tue 07-Feb-17 11:25:46

i think you can try asking acewriters or research help dashboard at your university library )here is an example of that at UC Berkeley Library)

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