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Help needed with academic cv and research planning

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lurkingnonparent Mon 23-Jan-17 12:17:36

I'm new to academia (having moved across from industry) and so far, so good. However my first post which was a year fixed term is coming to an end and I need to start applying again .

Last year I think I was blithe and lucky - this year I'm more aware of how tough it could be to get work and I really want to make sure I have an academic CV with at least some reference to future research, even though this will be based on what I'm just starting rather than anything I've completed.

Can anyone help to suggest a) any good info on presenting an academic (rather than industry) CV and then how to write about research interests?

I will of course look online but I'd be grateful for any MN opinions. Thanks all.

MedSchoolRat Mon 23-Jan-17 20:20:07

Longer is better!
This page is good.
I got interviews with a summary statement of my assets (trying not to be rude when I say that) at the top, so a skills-cv on page 1 (of 10), so that's ok I find.
But otherwise, the more said about what you have to offer, the better.

Teaching, presentation, dissemination, publication, leadership roles, can each be own section.

lurkingnonparent Tue 24-Jan-17 13:41:46

Great, thank you. I didn't know that the cv could be so long (2 pages max in my old job). Going off to look at that page now. (Sorry for no replying immediately, have been in lectures all day so far.)

purplepandas Wed 25-Jan-17 12:16:32

Agree with long, academia is rather unusual in that respect. Have you looked here ?

lurkingnonparent Thu 26-Jan-17 08:20:30

Again, belated thanks for new info. There are so many CV sites it's good to have the recommendations. Thanks all!

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