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Sonography with no degree in medicene or science

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babynelly2010 Fri 04-Nov-16 19:16:49

Hi, I a registered architect from usa. I have bachelor and masters degree in my field. Recently I decided to look into career change. I am interested in imaging and sonography. I researched and found post graduate degrees on subject are for scientists and medics. Is there a way to do it without degree in science or medicine.

PatMullins Fri 04-Nov-16 19:24:50

I don't think so.

PikachuSayBoo Fri 04-Nov-16 19:29:12

Birmingham do a medical ultrasound undergraduate degree.

ChilliMum Fri 04-Nov-16 19:35:46

Yes but it's a 3 year undergraduate degree. If you look on the ucas website for degrees in medical imagery then you should get an idea of where you can do it.
My dh looked into it a few years ago as he was considering a career change (when he found out he was being made redundant) he just found out which unis offered the course and then called the course leader for a chat about what he needed to apply.
As it happened he got another job straight away but he said they were very positive about mature students due to the sensitive nature of the work.

babynelly2010 Fri 04-Nov-16 19:42:20

Thank you for this, ill check the undergradute degree option, 3 years is a bit long but I guess understandable for full career change

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