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Accountant/paralegal-lawyer???? Advice please.

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876TaylorMade Thu 03-Nov-16 10:43:17

Not sure if this is the right place...

I'm from Jamaica...hubby is British..we currently live in Australia. Planning to move to the UK when DH finishes his second Msc.

I have a Bsc. Business Management (2:1)... I'm a mum ... of 2 & a half children ( due in march). I have previous work experience working as an accounting clerk and in administration. But I resigned from last job...with the prospects of landing a job in a bank...but then moved to China with husband. I taught English for about a year...very good fun! Haven't worked since a SAHM.

So was considering doing the AAT through Kaplan to start bookkeeping from home...with the hopes of working as an accounting clerk then doing ACCA. Only problem is; I'm good at accounting, but I don't love it. I find it very boring and repetitive and not very challenging after a while.

Now I've been looking at the GDL. I do like law, and did it as part of A levels. I would do the GDL... with the hopes of securing a job as a paralegal and using that to fund my LPC and eventually work in corporate/finance law.

I guess I'm here for a bit of advice going about this. I would do it part-time. As a SAHM I have the time...and would transition well into working (paralegal) as by the time I've finished children will be in school. But I would like to know the level of commitment required... job prospects..and institutions recommended.
I'm a bit excited about the prospect of change...but nervous about making a bad decision...and managing all this with 2 children 20 months apart.

Advice is welcomed!

CustardShoes Thu 03-Nov-16 14:59:42

I don't think this is the best section of MN Talk for advice for you. Try the Higher Education section, or the general employment section.

876TaylorMade Thu 03-Nov-16 15:27:40

thank you.

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