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Career change to Law during mid-30' it worth it?

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Bombay2Goa Thu 29-Sep-16 22:15:20

I've been seriously considering re-training and switching careers into law .... not so much a solicitor but a corporate lawyer. I'm currently in a quasi-compliance role in a Bank but feel I'd have more weight at work if I trained in Law. And it may help get me a step up on the career ladder.
Could any one recommend an online part time law course for a full time working mum of a 3 year old? Or is this just wishful thinking? Thankyou!

Conflictedoncemore Fri 30-Sep-16 01:22:30

Hey Bombay,

Does the law interest you? Are you looking to enter into corporate transactional work/commercial contracting/regulatory? If so, it sounds like the life of an in house lawyer could be a good fit for you. I know people who hate being a lawyer and those that just adore it. Work life balance can sometimes be tough but it's slightly easier working in house than in private prac.

I'm assuming you already have a degree albeit not in law? If so, you'd need to do a conversion which typically takes a year FT and 2 years PT. I'm advised that this is pretty hard going and likely more so holding down a job but if you want it enough you'll do it! Thereafter you'll need to do the LPC, again, two years PT - this is a walk in the park and very practical. Academic stage completed you'll then need to undertake a training contract, would your company sponsor you?

Studying to become a lawyer is becoming increasingly more costly, competitive and damn hard work but IMO so so worth it because there are some varied opportunities out there.

My advice would be to get into a good uni - prospective employers can be unduly harsh if you don't attend a top tier uni but if your current employer can guarantee you a role with them perhaps it doesn't matter too much?

Bombay2Goa Sat 01-Oct-16 15:28:42

Thanks for the advice Conflicted. Yes I do have a degree and various other diplomas and certifications. I didn't realise it would be about 4 years worth of time...and yes, the fees are exorbitant! Is a conversion course different from a GDL? I've been looking at GDL courses - do those not carry any weight? My employer is actually not involved in this at all which is why I'm trying to establish if it worth the time, effort and money. Would you have any recommendations for universities? especially ones that offer PT or online programs?

I cant also help thinking that in 4 years time the world will be filled with lawyers, it seems likes it the most lucrative profession!

Stopyourhavering Sat 29-Oct-16 22:00:05

My dh changed from medicine to law about 13 yrs ago. Did 1 yr post grad diploma in law then 1 yr bar conversion ....cost a lot but he now earns a lot more than if he'd stayed as a consultant- he charges £250/ hr!( also better hours as a self employed person, although miss the regular salary!)
He is in a niche area.....but that's what pays imo

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