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Career breaks and missed ECR opportunities

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purplepandas Fri 16-Sep-16 21:39:00

Just wondering if anyone else has had a significant (not statistically smile) career break and how they have managed early career research opportunities. I had about 4/5 year out (eldest DD died and I never wanted to go back). Obviously I now have as I am in the right place but I missed out on all ECR opportunities. I'm in an odd place as I did not get them but am behind my peers as I can't slot in where my peers are.

I am asking as something came up today and I asked in terms of eligibility if my career break was taken into account. They seemed genuinely surprised that those who have taken breaks miss out on ECR and have said I can apply. I now feel rather guilty about using this an 'excuse'. It's almost like you can't win. Is anyone else in the same boat?

MedSchoolRat Sat 17-Sep-16 09:35:06

What opportunities are others being offered & why don't you qualify?

Something went around at work about a career dev. workshop for people who got PhD < 4 yrs ago.... but I have to say, there are other workshops I've been to that gave the same info. When I was young my team won a 'young researcher's award' because all authors were under 35yo... but that isn't so young. What has happened where you are?

Also, where do you want to progress to?

Sorry about your family loss. flowers

bigkidsdidit Sat 17-Sep-16 11:41:34

What do you mean by opportunities? Fellowships and national level things will still be open to you - just email the research council office

YawningKasm Sat 17-Sep-16 14:00:11

I know the British Academy Postdocs specify that career breaks for family duties etc don't count in years from PhD - which is usually the crucial criterion for ECR status (and is different with different funding/research bodies). Why not ask? Can't hurt.

Deianira Sun 18-Sep-16 13:22:02

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. flowers

As far as I am aware most if not all of the Oxbridge or London JRFs with time-limited eligibility also now allow for career breaks, especially for reasons such as you have given, (some of them have therefore started stipulating that 'full-time research' is what they are counting), but are often very bad at advertising this in the standard calls for applications (the same thing happens if students have been part-time during part or all of a PhD). Normally the best thing to do is contact the named administrator overseeing applications and ask - you can normally then get this flagged as part of your application.

whatishistory Thu 29-Sep-16 19:43:17

I got an early career AHRC grant that took into account maternity leave and sick leave

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