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take another sessional lecturing role, or concentrate on getting book finished; wwyd?

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SaveMeTheWaltz Wed 14-Sep-16 19:15:25

I'm an ECR a year past phd; I already have one sessional lecturing role (equivalent to about a 0.3) and have just been offered a second sessional contract at another institution. I am unsure whether to take this second role (which is nominally one day per week but I suspect will take up at least a second day of prep if not more), as I was hoping to use this year to deliver on two book contracts.

Basically, I am trying to work out what will give me a stronger CV when I apply for jobs next spring summer. Conventional wisdom would suggest I prioritise writing the books, but with the TEF coming up there seems to be more of a focus on teaching experience than there has been in the past.

In practical terms, I could afford to do without the extra income that the second sessional role would bring in, and sitting at home writing books would make it easier to cover school pick ups etc, so would actually be a better option in terms of our family life. But professional terms, I am still unsure which would be best. Any advice?

Bountybarsyuk Wed 14-Sep-16 20:38:32

Write the books, for definite.

It's really unsure what the TEF will consist of, I was told (which may not be what happens) based on the Stern report, that measures such as the NSS and the DLHE will be used, in which case, teaching one module brilliantly will be neither here nor there.

If you already have teaching experience, then another day a week will not get you the job, and will take up two days time, but having great REFable books is far more likely to secure you a lectureship if that's what you want.

It would be in my institution, anyway, what do others think?

arclight Thu 15-Sep-16 10:30:58

Totally agree with Bountybarsuk. As an ECR, publications are the primary currency for getting jobs, and the additional teaching experience will add very little.

JudyBlumeRocks Sat 12-Nov-16 22:37:09

Books, books, books!

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