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Bullying and extreme pressure at work

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mumsnit Wed 14-Sep-16 18:58:06

I'm not an academic but work in HE in a professional faculty facing role. Over the last few years the pressure and expectations have increased to the point where I can't do the job effectively any more as I'm so stretched.

I have a manager who has recently started to criticise everything I'm doing and says I'm not putting enough effort into my work. I literally can't do anything more but worry that her constant criticism will lead other colleagues to think I can't do the job. I do have the support of my direct line manager but the environment is competitive and there is a definite feeling that you either cope or leave!

Would love to hear how you all manage with this level of stress as I know that HE is a very pressured environment wherever you're working...

Bountybarsyuk Thu 15-Sep-16 12:30:53

Can you do a sideways move to another department? I would be looking to move, as it's unlikely this bigger boss will move, and there's often a lot of internal transferring and movement at admin level in unis. I think that's your best bet. You also have the support of your line manager which is important. Obviously don't phrase it as 'I'd like to move as X is mean and too demanding', just identify what you'd like to develop/work on and look for an role transfer.

mumsnit Thu 15-Sep-16 15:46:31

Thanks for the reply. Yes that is something I've been thinking about but maybe not actively searching for opportunities as yet. I will start to look at my options. Such a shame as I love the job itself because I get a lot of student contact.

nolly3 Fri 16-Sep-16 14:01:47

Keep a note of everything, seek advice from Union, and make a formal complaint- if you decide it's worth it

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