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Advice on HR training please!

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RainbowHash Thu 01-Sep-16 10:04:13

Hello - I'm hoping there's some HR experts on here who can help! I'm looking to embark on some HR training to compliment the way my current role is heading. I.e. taking on more of an HR function.

It seems, in terms of actual qualifications (as opposed to a short course) there is either the CIPD qualifications or a QCF (NVQ equivalent). (Or an MSc from the OU, but that's probably later down the line for me).

The CIPD 'Level 3 Foundation certificate' (the level at which I would expect to start, I think, although I do have a degree already) is about £2000, as opposed to the QCF 'HR Practise Certificate Level 3' which is about £300. Does anyone have experience of either of them? Would you recommend the extra cost of the CIPD purely because its from the CIPD? (I.e. better recognised/accredited).

Thanks in advance!

fluffikins Fri 02-Sep-16 20:01:42

I'd always go cipd. Not sure on the difference between the ones you've suggested but if you do a masters make sure it's a cipd accredited one as completion of the masters will then give you the level 3 knowledge too so you just have to get the application to practice bit.

What's your background?

fluffikins Fri 02-Sep-16 20:03:13

Actually I think a masters gives level 4 knowledge but it's best to check!

RainbowHash Tue 06-Sep-16 21:35:57

Thanks Fluff - very helpful (and apologies for delayed reply). I have a degree in management and after having kids now work part time and taking on more HR responsibilities.
I think I'm going to plan to do the CIPD level 3 next year when I can plan for the study time properly, but do a practical, short course in the interim. Thanks again - much appreciated!

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