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Meningitis W

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fluffikins Wed 17-Aug-16 11:18:00

As a lecturer should I get the vaccine? My daughter also goes to the university nursery so should I ask for her to have the vaccine too?

Idefix Wed 17-Aug-16 18:10:50

I think that sometimes it is called the kissing disease, similar to glandular fever. There was some research that teenagers who kissed multiple other teenagers were more at risk of contracting the disease.
If you really want to get the vaccine you could probably get it at travel clinic, it is give to travelers going to the haji(sp?) and parts of Africa. I think though your risk will be low.

fluffikins Wed 17-Aug-16 20:34:11

I think you're thinking of glandular fever. This link has more on meningitis w

Idefix Wed 17-Aug-16 21:17:09

a quick google will bring up lots of links to bbc, usa govt pages about the most common causes of transmission and kissing and very close living accommodation are big risks.

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