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working part time and applying for fellowships

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jessmando Sat 13-Aug-16 22:56:03

I am currently working 4/5 time as a postdoc and I am in the process of applying for personal fellowships.
Is it possible to get personal fellowships and still work part time? (excluding the few fellowships that are specifically for women and carers etc?) Does anyone have experience of this? I am worried that it will make me look less committed etc, but my day at home with DS is very important to me.

MedSchoolRat Sun 14-Aug-16 11:02:45

I know a guy whose fellowship is 4 days a week (I think over 3.5 yrs). He has 3 young children at home. I wonder if it's something negotiated after being granted the fellowship.

haybott Mon 15-Aug-16 12:04:18

Many fellowships will allow the grant to be held over a longer period on a part-time basis for carers. Leverhulme ECR fellowships allow this, as do various RCUK schemes.

(BTW there are very few schemes in the UK which are for women as opposed to for those with caring responsibilities.)

bigkidsdidit Thu 25-Aug-16 20:57:01

Yes, I just got one smile

I work .9 currently, have had different amounts of part time. I made it clear in my applications, without special pleading - I mentioned it in my career narratives but didn't use it as an excuse for anything.

I was offered he first one I applied for and had excellent scores for the second before I dropped out.

I am going to be carrying on 0.9 fte when I start he fellowship - I just emailed the admin office when accepting my offer and told them that (told, not asked).

A friend who used to work in a rcuk office told me unofficially that 0.8 or .9 would be fine but .7 and below and they would begin to wonder if the project could be completed.

impostersyndrome Fri 26-Aug-16 21:33:30

Well this sounds encouraging. Also it's good to see that EPSRC awarded a job share fellowship this year. See Athene Donald's blog post for context

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