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Popartist Mon 04-Jul-16 10:16:21

I am a mature PT PhD student in the humanities and am applying for an associate tutor position at my university. I have to submit a CV. This will be my first academic job application and I wondered if anyone could advise me on the best way to combine my academic and non-academic experience.

Many thanks

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Godstopper Mon 04-Jul-16 11:17:02

After stating teaching/research/talks, I simply have a section that says 'Additional Skills'. Here, I list my volunteer work (brief sentence about it being of use in an academic-pastoral setting) and previous tech-admin work (brief sentence about being familiar with range of technologies that can be used in teaching and non-teaching setting). In that way, I hope it demonstrates I have the 'soft' skills other than just teaching and research. Doesn't need to be a big section!

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