Moving from a new to an old university

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ocelot41 Fri 01-Jul-16 20:20:48

Very happy to have new job at well endowed old RG university. But also a bit scared. Are there any unwritten protocols I need to be aware of so I don't unwittingly rub people up the wrong way?

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MarasmeAbsolu Fri 01-Jul-16 21:22:48

regardless of the uni / RG / not RG...

do not start every sentence with
At my previous university...
At XX, we did...


ocelot41 Fri 01-Jul-16 22:55:08

Sounds a good idea!

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FoggyBottom Sat 02-Jul-16 12:19:54

Remember that lecturer's job titles are different: a senior lecturer at a pre-92 is not an SL at a RG.

You'll really need to be confident about being ambitious about your research, but if it's a good unit in a good RG, there should be the support there for you.

You should demand more of the students.

ocelot41 Sat 02-Jul-16 14:38:08

Yes, I think I will ask if I can sit in on others' lectures to get the measure of how to pitch them at each year level!

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